Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Little Huddy Buddy - 10 weeks

*This boy's smiles and coos just melt my heart. They light up his whole face! His eyes, especially, as so expressive. As my brother put it, it seems like he is looking into your soul. :) His first smile was on the day of his baptism, Feb. 19th.

*He's not really on a schedule yet. Generally he likes to eat about every 3 hours, but it seems like that's starting to stretch to 3.5/4 hours sometimes if he's asleep.

*I was super nervous about changing a boy's diaper because I'd heard so many horror stories of being sprayed in the face, curtains, etc. But, I think there were only 2 times that it happened, in the first few weeks. Once he got the wall and once our bed (quilt, blanket, sheets, and mattress cover!) Now, I'm happy to report that this little dude never pees on me!

*I'm not sure how he feels about the paci. He's definitely not addicted. Sometimes, if he's overtired/overstimulated it helps him fall asleep, but most of the time he just falls asleep on his own. We have to hold the paci in his mouth for quite a while before he'll actually hold onto it, and sometimes it seems counter productive because then he'll cry when he drops it.

*He slept 6 hours at 6 weeks; 7 hours at 7 weeks; and 8 hours at 8 weeks. Now he really only wakes up once to eat in the middle of the night. We've been putting him down around 7 pm, so I don't hear from him until around 3 am. Then, he's ready to eat again sometime between 6-7 am.

*He LOVES his car seat. We tend to run errands and get out most mornings, and that's when he takes his best naps.

*The first few weeks I actually had to remind myself that he needed to eat or get his diaper changed. He just doesn't fuss much. Really the only time he gets upset and cries is when he's overtired at night, and that's only started happening in the last week or two.

I cannot get over how easy this child is! Praise the Lord!

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