Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My new favorite video!

Shanna sent me this yesterday:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

Something worth thinking about:

"The story of Christ's birth is a story of promise, hope, and a revolutionary love.

So, what happened? What was once a time to celebrate the birth of a savior has somehow turned into a season of stress, traffic jams, and shopping lists.

And when it's all over, many of us are left with presents to return, looming debt that will take months to pay off, and this empty feeling of missed purpose. Is this what we really want out of Christmas?

What if Christmas became a world-changing event again?

Welcome to Advent Conspiracy.
Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, Love All"

Another similar perspective that inspired me two years ago is from Imago Dei Community Church's December 2006 Advent Messages (specifically "The Relational Gift": listen here)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Thanksgiving / Christmas Banquet

Currie and his dad have a tradition of eating the turkey neck during the afternoon while the rest of the turkey is cooking. (EWWW!)

A quite blurry picture of our Turkey-less Thanksgiving dinner (the turkey didn't finish until 8:00!).

Eli sitting on his fire truck.

Eli thinking, "Aunt Abby, MOVE!, I'm trying to see Sesame Street!"

Last night at the Marriott for the Seminary Christmas Banquet.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Carlyle Camping and the ABIGAIL ROSE

So... it's been a while since I've posted anything--the semester's gotten busy and I've been working on another project... But I figured I might as well show off some great pics of the boat that Jenny Brown took while we were camping with the Browns and the Rolands (who brought a 4-month-old!  Mega kudos!) at Carlyle Lake in later October.

Since this shot was taken I have finished all but the epoxy work on installing a front buoyancy chamber that will serve as a mast-step, "dry" storage compartment and (when the mast is down) forward seat.  I'll try to take some pics soon.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Savior on Capitol Hill

I’m so tired of these mortal men
with their hands on their wallets and their hearts full of sin
scared of their enemies, scared of their friends
and always running for re-election
so come to DC if it be thy will
because we’ve never had a savior on Capitol Hill

you can always trust the devil or a politician
to be the devil or a politician
but beyond that friends you’d best beware
’cause at the Pentagon bar they’re an inseparable pair
and as long as the lobbyists are paying their bills
we’ll never have a savior on Capitol Hill

all of our problems gonna disappear
when we can whisper right in that President’s ear
he could walk right across the reflection pool
in his combat boots and ten thousand dollar suit

you can render unto Caesar everything that’s his
you can trust in his power to come to your defense
it’s the way of the world, the way of the gun
it’s the trading of an evil for a lesser one
so don’t hold your breath or your vote until
you think you’ve finally found a savior up on Capitol Hill

Beautiful Fall

I added more pics to our facebook album from our walk today. I love the way the sun sparkles through the leaves. This may be my favorite time of year.


Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Kilt for the Rest of Us!

I just found out about a great company from Jason Bartlett--Sport Kilt.

At last! For all those of us wanting an affordable alternative to expensive custom made kilts there is now an option! (Since I'm sure there are so many of us in that category...)


OK, so this was the look we were going for but they had a lot more hair than we do...

This was what I was going for as Princess Isabelle

Amish Jim & Amy (she sewed her apron!)

Indian Jessica & Giraffe Matthew

Captain Hook Jason & Tinkerbell AmyRuth

Mary Poppins Em & Chimney Sweep Ryan

Plumbers Lauren & Kevin (who we went to Colorado w/...)
Her "beer gut" was her pregnant belly

My Cheesenstein was yummy

Sunday, October 05, 2008

I Love Fall

Yesterday we went to a pumpkin patch about an hr. away and got to pick our own pumpkins! They take you out on a hayride, you pick your pumpkins (and apples if you want...) and then when you come back they also have cider, funnel cakes, etc. Currie had NEVER HAD FUNNEL CAKE!! We obviously had to remedy that...don't worry, we split this.

We got a mini pumpkin for our table & two for our porch.

Currie also got me mums to complete the fall look.

And, while I'm at it, I've been meaning to post pictures of my herb garden (you can also see them in the above picture right above the light)!
Sara B. gave them to me when she moved out. (Thanks Sara!!)

We have rosemary, basil, several kinds of oregano, chives, etc. Last night we chopped up chives in our tomato soup and had fresh basil on grilled cheese, tomato, & onion sandwiches. Yum.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Here are a couple of photos of the ABIGAIL ROSE (still need to paint the name on her) at Carlyle Lake in IL in late August. We actually did go out on the lake, but you couldn't see much of the boat in those pics.

Waiting to embark from the "semi-private" "beach" by our campsite.

Heading out to go through the breakwater (yes, I know I'm rowing backwards--we had two guys [one of them 6'4"] in an 11 1/2 ft. sailing dingy!).

I just completed the rear buoyancy chamber this past weekend but haven't taken any pics yet; I'll try to upload one soon.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chicago Anniversary Trip

Check out the rest of our Chicago Anniversary Album on Facebook!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are you kidding me?!

MODOT (Missouri Dept. of Transportation) is generally doing a good job with a lot of the major decisions relating to the construction on 64/40, with a few major exceptions (what genius thought it would be a good idea to put a stop sign any place where you have cars merging into 55 MPH traffic? [from Ballas Rd. to I 270 North for example]).

I just spent an extra 15 minutes in the car (burning fossil fuels the whole time) because the ramp from Kingshighway to 64/40 West is closed (though all the signs say it's open and funnel you right into a row of reflector-less cones).  So I got stuck in the middle of the intersection and had to turn onto 64/40 East and drive all the way to the Market street exit where I had to make a U turn to get back on the interstate going the right way--ARRGH!!

And while I'm on the topic of senseless squandering of fossil fuels, let me ask what Einstein came up with the red left-turn signal?  Do they really think we're too stupid to wait for a break in traffic before turning?  Not only do these signals encourage lazy driving (which kills far more people than reckless driving) by suggesting to us that we're just supposed to be on autopilot when we're behind the wheel, they also waste tons of fossil fuels nationally every year (next time you're out driving count the number of cars you see waiting to make a left at empty intersections because they have a red left-turn signal; now think about how many drivers all over America are waiting at such signals.  Even if it's only a few seconds per car per light, that compiles into a whole lot on a national scale).

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Muggy Day in the Gardens

Cool fountain at the entrance...

Don't ask...Currie forced us.

Peek-a-boo w/ Ana

We're in the Amazon...

This is a skull that you can go inside!

Here's some of the beautiful flowers we saw:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sisters, sisters...

Ana was NOT fond of the "rat poop" (otherwise known as boba)

Yeah for $3 tanktops!!


So Dan has impressed the value of the CrossFit workout regime on me, and I'm trying out the "Travel Workout" (i.e. no equipment necessary) program at http://crossfitnega.com/travel-workouts/.

Just did half of one this morning--10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 air squats; 5 sets. I have no idea what my time was (an important part of the program) because I was trying not to push too hard (and, thus, avoid the three-day total immobility I experienced after my introductory workout), but I'm guessing about 15 min. (yes, I know that's pathetic...). It felt good though!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Boat Details...

Here it is with the exaggerated rake [backward angle] in the mast to keep the sail in the same position as the old step position. Too much rake in my opinion--the weight of the sail is pulling down on the mast awkwardly and making it bend slightly, putting too much stress on it.

So I adjusted it some--this is about the same rake it had before (maybe a little bit more). I still think the center of effort on the sail looks to be about over the place where the lee-board will be, so I think we're in good shape.

Here's a view from the front...

...and one of the transom--I like how the varnished wood looks from 20 feet away! (Up close you can see more errors...)

Finally, I realized as I was coming out the back door with the camera that I'd have few opportunities to get a bird's eye view of my boat!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Downtown flooding

Today after lunch we went downtown to show some friends the Arch before their flights. Check out the stop sign almost completely under water.

Sign says "The Riverfront" !

This shows a comparison of the current flood to the one in '93. The bottom of the plaque on the side of the stairs shows how high the water was then...

We have had GORGEOUS weather lately!