Monday, January 31, 2011

My One-Year-Old!

It's high time for an Ellie update! Some of these things she's been doing for at least a month, but I'll record them anyway since my posting has been rather infrequent and since I haven't been keeping a traditional baby book:

*waves bye-bye and started saying "bye-bye" this week (especially when I hang up the phone)

*favorite activity has been taking things in and out (and in, and out, repeat ad naseum - I discovered coffee tins are great for this!)
*can put the stacking rings on/off by herself
*can put the shapes into her toy, with Mommy's help to find the right shape first
*says "baby" when she sees her baby doll or another baby; hugs, squeezes, and pats baby

*her menu options increased drastically the week before her bday; now she can eat almost anything we eat (still haven't tried nuts or honey) - this girl still LOVES to eat and doesn't refuse anything!!
*holds her spoon to feed herself, then returns it to the bowl for Mom to fill the spoon again
*uses her whole hand to "help" get food into her mouth (This is the messiest she's every been...normally she is very neat! Doesn't she look pleased. as. punch. in this picture?!)

*reaches out for mommy or daddy (she's been super snuggly lately)
*puts her hand up to her mouth to blow kisses
*gives kisses and leans in to touch your cheek (just not simultaneously yet!)

*starts clapping her hands when she hears me sing "If you're happy and you know it..."
*cruises around the room and crawls to get across the room
*helps to dress herself; pulls her shirt down over her head and offers each arm for her sleeves
*her top left tooth came in (and, she's discovered she can bite, AHEM. Ouch.)

*said "goodbye" to the paci this week; this was super hard for me to let go of, mostly because I feel like she's growing up too fast, and that somehow she won't be my baby anymore, but I do feel we made the right decision for her. Currie has so much trouble with insomnia and remembers hating sleep as a child; we wanted to do whatever we could to prevent her from having difficulty sleeping and we'd heard taking it away sooner will prevent her becoming dependent on it. (Today is day 4 sans paci. Naps have been difficult, but she went to bed no problem last night and tonight.)

*And, finally, a gratuitous picture Just Because.
I cannot resist her adorable dimples in this one!