Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big Girl Bed

Last night was Ellie's first night in her Big Girl Bed!

This project was never-ending!! Seriously, it made me a bit depressed at how much was involved: painting the bed frame, buying a mattress, a box spring (which needs to be returned since it made the bed way too high), new sheets, a new quilt, a dust ruffle, shams, and a mattress cover, in case of accidents. (Fortunately, we have very generous family members who took care of most of the expenses!) We've been talking to her about the new bed for probably over a month, but it's taken that long to accumulate everything, and for Currie to find time to paint the bed, which he inherited from his grandparents. So, I am VERY thankful that the ordeal is over.

I not only love how the bed turned out, but I love how easily Ellie has adjusted to it. I was worried that she would keep getting out of bed, but she hasn't once! Last night she cried when we left the room (she goes through phases of doing this/not doing this), but it only lasted about 2 minutes. I teared up too. I think it was partly because I thought she might be nervous/scared of the change, but mostly because it seems like this is the last big transition from being a baby.

Anyway, it was pretty fun to be able to lay down next to her and sing and pray before bed. She definitely needs her own space to sleep, so it's not often that you get snuggles in bed (she wakes up raring to go)! Sweet memories:
So, "Ellie's room" is becoming "the kids' room". Hudson still has one night feeding that we need to wean him of before we move him in there, and I wanted Ellie to have some time in her bed before moving him in. I need to rehang all of the wall decor (don't worry, his side will have some blue in it), but otherwise we're almost done!

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