Friday, June 20, 2008

Well, we got the paint job done and dried--we like the looks of the varnished (well, epoxied) wood against the blue hull! (Just hope a green sail doesn't look too weird for the time being...)

The reason you can see two thwarts in the second photo is because I'm moving the mast forward. From pictures it looks like the sail is further back than it needs to be and the cockpit feels a bit crowded with two people in it so I've moved the mast forward about sixteen inches. I'm adding a bit more rake to it (angling it back), and trying to tie the halyard in just a bit farther forward to avoid lee helm (the boat wanting to turn downwind on its own). As it probably has more weather helm than it needs right now (it seems to sail well, but then I'm a novice), I don't think the move will hurt anything, and it will create much more space when sailing.
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