Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Turning three

Aaaandd, just like *that* I have a three year old.  She was so ridiculously adorable today that I wanted to savor every minute.  I just kept staring at her.  Her gray-ish blue eyes are so incredibly beautiful, and the white hat and silver coat she wore today just make her little eyes shine.  She wore her new "cute jacket" from Aunt Dee and it was cold enough that she needed her "snow coat" over it.  She was pretty excited to wear both at the same time.

When she got up this morning and was sitting on the potty, I said, "Do you know what today is?"  She got a huge grin on her face and excitedly whispered, "My boh-day!"  I let her climb in bed with me for a "snugga snug" and out of the blue she asked, "Am I gonna die?"  [Whoa.  If this is what 3 is like, Lord, help me!]  Then she asked, "When?"  "Am I gonna go home to God?"  (She mentioned Donna, our neighbor, who passed away last fall.)

She told me she wanted to share her "boh-day" with Hudson.  I think she thinks the term "birthday" means cake or dessert.  :)

We took her to breakfast at Rooster, downtown.  Our waitress was so awesome.  She made a huge fuss over Ellie, and Ellie just ate it up.  Ellie kept telling her, "I'm too spicy to eat!"  (She knew it didn't make sense, but she thought it was hilarious.)  I had brought 3 candles from home, and asked them to put them on her berry-covered pancake.  She got all shy when they came out with it, singing "Happy Birthday."

Ellie had a great time listening to her messages from Aunt Bethany and cousin Eli.  We had to listen to each at least four times.

We went to the science center 'cause Ellie's been obsessed with the dinosaurs she saw there a few weeks ago.  She told me she wants to see the dinosaur that's standing up, but not the Feel Sorry Dinosaur (the one that's laying down and has a "boo boo" on its side).  She asked, "Are dinosaurs persons?"

When we came home we had lunch and I put Ellie down for a nap.  She likes to pile her babies on during naptime: Bunny, Soft Baby, Jammie Baby, Little Baby, Carly Daisy, and about 6 little blankets for them.  After hearing too much noise I peeked my head in and found the light on, and Ellie putting the babies in her cradle.  I told her to get back in bed and she obeyed, but pointed her finger and said, "I'm gonna take a short rest, a long rest, a short nap, a long rest, and a short nap."

I left for work, and when I came home we had dinner together.  She finished her dinner, so she had some "manana bread" from a friend.  After putting Hudson down, she put her own jammies on and climbed up in my bed with me and read "Mommy Hugs" (animal mommies giving their babies hugs).  She told me her favorite page was the last one--the human mommy giving her baby a cuddle.  *Melt My Heart*  I love this girl!

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