Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hudson: 10 months

Sheesh.  Where does the time go??  I am constantly behind on my "baby-book" documentation!  :) Oh well, here goes:

This little man is always on the move!  It was crazy to re-read this, from Ellie's 10 month entry, because she wasn't even crawling at this point, and Hudson's been crawling for 4 months already!

*can push a walker and walk holding onto our hands.
*can stand on his own for several seconds.
*has 2 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth that have come in, and one more on both the top and bottom that are on their way.  It's changed his whole look, but that grin is still SO adorable!
*babbles mamama, dadada, bababa
*eats anything we put in front of him, with the exception of beans.  He will eventually eat the beans if I mix them w/ yogurt, but they're definitely not his favorite.  He's getting good at the pincer grasp, though, with lots of practice picking up cheerios!
*still nurses 3 times/day (just weaned the 11 am feeding this week).
*has a morning nap from 9-10 still; an afternoon nap from 1-3; goes to bed at 7, wakes up at 7.  The last 2 months have been awful though, as far as waking up multiple times in the night due to teething, coughing, congestion, etc.
*has had that cough for almost 2 months now!  We finally put him on an antibiotic and after improving for 2 days, he suddenly got much worse.  The dr. then prescribed a stronger dose, which made him break out into a rash.  So, round 3 is now almost complete and he is finally starting to sound better.  We'll be happy to have our sweet baby back... he's been much more of a fussy pants lately, which is not like him.
*was Sandy (from Annie) for his first Halloween.
*weighs about 20 lbs; is in 25 percentile for weight, 75th for height!  In other words, he's a bean-pole... not roly-poly like big sis. :)
*knows to rock back and forth when I put him on my knees, in anticipation of "Trippety-Trop."
*loves his bath, but I constantly have to make him sit back down so he won't fall.
*still puts everything in his mouth.  His favorite toys are still rattle-like toys that he can chew on.  Currie says Hudson's world is mono-categorical: Things That I Can Put In My Mouth.
*is too cute for words! (This last one is actually a 9 mo. picture, but I just can't resist that adorable face!) 

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