Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hudson: 3 months

Last night Hudson slept for almost 13 hours straight!!! This kinda came out of nowhere. He had been sleeping 10 hours, around 10 weeks, but over the last few weeks, he seemed to regress a bit (growth spurt?) and was waking up more often to eat. I’ve been trying to gradually reduce the amount of time I let him nurse during the night, but the previous night he’d woken up twice. I’m anxious to see how tonight goes! He’s quickly outgrowing his little cradle. [Update: he woke up twice…boo.]

Hudson has the cutest little frown/pout that he gets right before he starts crying.

He’s been blowing raspberries lately, and sometimes looks like he’s foaming at the mouth!

We’re back to using cloth diapers about 95% of the time (except for outings and overnight); he’s wearing 3-6 month clothing; size 2 disposable diapers.

Hudson is not great at taking a bottle. He did fine when we introduced it at 4 weeks, but I guess we went several weeks without needing to give him one, so when we did, he didn’t do so well. Last time I went to work, Currie said he just screamed…poor guy(s). This week I’m on a mission to get him comfortable with it again, so I’m alternating each feeding by nursing and bottle.

Generally, he is one happy boy. All I have to do it look at him, and he’ll break into a grin that lights up his whole face. He’s easy to get to laugh too…especially by bouncing him or pretending to eat his little neck. 

At home, Hudson sleeps swaddled, with his paci. At school, though, he just falls asleep in the bouncer, and the nursery worker said he hardly ever fusses. The comment I hear most often is "He's so chill!"

My favorite thing right now about Hudson and Ellie is their interaction. Hudson loves looking at Ellie and smiles at her often. She just talks to him like he knows exactly what she’s saying! “Like my dress, Huh-son?” When he does get too tired to look at her, she says, “Look at Ellie, Huh-son! A-look at Ellie!!” 

I took Hudson on a women’s retreat two weekends ago, and when I got there found out that all 7 women from our church were in the same room! (I’m not sure I would have brought Hudson along if I’d known that…) He did great, though, and only woke up once to eat, but I got to him pretty quickly. The ladies kept commenting what a great baby he is.

He loves to play with his hands, and often looks like he’s praying. He also loves to suck on his hands/thumb/arm. Last week I thought he had a bruise and then realized he’d given himself a hickey from sucking so intensely on his arm!

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