Friday, May 20, 2011

15 months (& 3 weeks)

Busy, busy, busy! This little girl practically runs from one end of the room to the other, stopping for less than a minute to sling a purse over shoulder, page through a book, explore what's in her diaper bag, or tuck a stuffed animal under her armpit.

She continues to be a little chatterbox, jabbering away in Ellie-ese!
words: hi, bye, baby, dada, mama, papa, uh-oh, ‘nana, boo, and ball.
signs: hi, bye, eat, more, milk, up, all done, bath, thank you, drink/water, help, I love you, yucky, yes, and no.
She points to things constantly and either says "eh" or makes the "more" sign to help us figure out what she wants. For instance, she'll point to her coat, make the "more" sign, and say "bye". Beyond this, she is understanding so much more than she's saying. Last week when we left her w/ a babysitter, we explained what was going to happen and she waved and said "bye" to us on our way out the door (much better than the tears I was expecting)!
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