Monday, March 28, 2011

Why I love teaching in a Charlotte Mason school

Today I listened to this in preparing to teach my 3-year olds about American Robins. I even discovered that American Robins and European Robins are completely different birds, w/ different scientific names. (Don't laugh, I'm new at this, folks!)

I came across this beautifully illustrated book: The King of the Birds. The back page is a key that lists the 48 different birds that are illustrated on page 12 of the book. Absolutely gorgeous. (I keep an Amazon wish list for Ellie because I come across so many great living books in our school library.)

I read up on Mary Cassatt in this book, looking specifically at this painting. Last week the kids had fun lounging like this Little Girl in a blue chair that I brought in from the office. Their imitations of her expression were priceless (next year I'll bring my camera)!

In short, I love the fact that as I plan my lessons for this week I am learning right along with the kids; what better way to spend a morning while Baby Girl takes her nap?!
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